How can Nintendo turn the WiiU around?

Its been a long while since the last time I posted here.

As if the public perception of the WiiU wasn’t bad enough, things recently, seem to have taken a turn to the “even” worse.

– No online for Batman Origins (could be a sign of things to expect from future multiplatform releases on the WiiU)

– Only 160k units sold in this past quarter

– UK stores dropping support for the WiiU

Things are not looking good for the system. I don’t want to get into analyzing the combined effects of some of the issues I just listed. Instead, I want to jump ahead to listing what I think Nintendo should be doing right now.

1) Show us more games

Nintendo mentioned that it considered showing off the new WiiU Zelda game at E3, then opting to wait it out a bit. Its time for Nintendo to show us a few games they’ve been keeping secret from us. Get the userbase and the media excited about the system.

2) Invest.

Nintendo needs to spend some of that War chest of theirs on things like Improving their online infrastructure, adding online multiplayer functionality to major releases (Mario 3D World and DK Country), and expanding its staff or contracts in a significant manner to make sure they can not only churn out more games themselves, but oversee more collaborative projects with 3rd parties, and ensure they are up to the Nintendo Standard.

3)  Make one SKU, but give it great value. Something like the deluxe bundle except with Mario 3d World instead of NintendoLand, and at $300.

4) More Collaborations.

Throw money at 3rd party developers to create collaborative exclusive games. Nintendo is doing this with Namco and its next SmashBros entry, as well as with Atlus and a crossover that includes Nintendo’s Fire Emblem property.

We need to see collaborations with Square to make a Kingdom hearts spinoff with the Nintendo Universe, rather than Disney.

Get at Capcom for Nintendo VS Capcom.

Contract outside developers to make entries in series not currently being worked on, like F-Zero and StarFox. Also, do the same for games Nintendo is currently working on in order to make sure these games are ready for release as soon as possible. For example, If I were Nintendo, I would have thrown more staff at Smashbros or MarioKart to have gotten at least one of those games on the shelves by this December.

5) Marketing.

Nintendo needs to find a way to properly market the WiiU. We need ads that specifically tell the customers that the WiiU is not a Wii. They need to be public about the fact that they need to make some changes, and that they will be paying more attention to what the consumers want from them.

6) Stop sitting on VC games.

The biggest problem with the WiiU is a lack of games. Yet they have this massive library of games they could release via their VC service. Why are these games only trickling out? Where are all the N64 games?

Not only does Nintendo need to release these games, but they need to look into offering the option to play these games in HD. Its nice to have them in their classic form, but that just isn’t enough for all of us. These games run off emulators. Emulators are scalable. Set them up for the option to render at 720P, as well as options for filters on older 2d games.

These games would be feel like new. Which would be enough to hold everyone over as they try fix their release schedule for brand new WiiU games.

7) Stop being so Rigid.

Nintendo need to structure themselves in a manner that allows them to quickly adapt. Look at what Microsoft did when it looked like the XboxONE was going to flop. They switched up all the policies that were hurting them. Nintendo need to be able to react that rapidly to large problems it faces.

8) This one is controversial and extreme, but may be necessary down the line if things look especially bleak.

Start working on an update to the OS that allows users to use 90% of its functionality without the gamepad, and then eventually release a WiiU light without the Gamepad and with a pro controller instead. There are a lot of games that use the gamepad, but a significant amount that can be played without. 3rd parties are simply not making much use of the second screen for much other than offscreen play anyway.

This could help significantly reduce the price of the system without cutting deep into profits. Again, this is a last ditch effort type thing. Generally I think its a dumb idea, but if their backs are up against the wall, it should be considered an option.

I’m sure there are many things Nintendo can do moving forward, but that’s all I want to talk about right now.


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