Time and Reflection can grant us Perspective; E3

Ok, so my initial response to Nintendo’s E3 direct was disappointment and anger. I had this idea of what the Direct should be, and it wasn’t how I imagined at all. It didn’t run the full hour, and there were some key titles I wanted to see, that we had no mention of. Not only that, I wanted Nintendo to reassure me of a few things.

– That I purchased a system that could compete well enough in the graphics department that I wouldn’t have to watch anymore youtube videos with ignorant comments like “its weaker than the 360” and “it looks just like a wii game”

To me, it was important that Nintendo showed off content that proved it could hang with the incoming consoles if the title was ambitious enough.

– That Nintendo had lined up a ton of 3rd party titles and some exclusives for this fall.

– Announcement that N64 and Gamecube VC were coming in time for the fall, and thus filling any gaps there may have been in the software release schedule.

– That Nintendo would have at least one definite system seller that was first party, and maybe one 3rd party exclusive that would also be considered a system seller.

Despite feeling like Nintendo failed to check off some of my boxes for what needed to happen in 2013, now after letting it all digest, my overall opinion on Nintendo’s decisions and direction isn’t anywhere near as negative as it was right after the Nintendo direct. In fact, I have grown fairly optimistic about the rest of the year.

Something we should get out of this e3, is that Nintendo will have enough releases to hold us off till the next Mario Kart, which I believe is slated for a spring 2014 release.

Despite there being nothing new 3rd party wise at e3, there should be more than enough content based on the games we knew about going in. Games like the new Assassin’s Creed, Watchdogs, Sonic Lost Worlds, and Disney Infinity should be considered a mix between Double A and Triple A titles. Definitely nothing to ignore.

By the end of November, we should have Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong, and Zelda Windwaker. That’s two firm Double A titles and a Triple A title. Not to mention Mario 3D World which comes out in December.

Nintendo have stated that there are more 3rd party games to announce. I feel strongly that the new Call of Duty Ghosts will be one of them, I’m also expecting something from Capcom, but who knows if they’ll be able to deliver anything by the end of the year.

We aren’t going to be bombarded with games, and although that sucks, we don’t need to be. We need ambitious games that will keep us occupied and fulfilled in those experiences until more of the “System Sellers” come in.

Nintendo seems to be stalling. As WiiU owners, we will have enough meaningful gaming experiences. The drought should technically be over this holiday season.

My one concern was that, although we should have enough reasons to be happy as gamers, I wasn’t convinced what Nintendo has will move a ton of systems with these games.

Which is the other half of the equation to success. Windwaker will help, as will the new Mario game, especially if they end up doing a bundle for it. But I’m just not sure if either of those will be true system sellers. How could these games move systems?

I personally don’t consider the new Mario game a system seller. But I could be wrong. For example, I’m pretty sure New Super Mario Bros wii destroyed Mario Galaxy’s sales. As much as I feel a true entry in the Mario series would be a system seller, maybe a game like Mario 3D World would do a better job because it appeals to casuals as well as the hardcore.

If the game sold more than what I considered a legit entry in the series, its clearly the kind of game MOST want. Mario 3D World hits a lot of the notes and strokes that New Super Mario Bros hits, so maybe, just maybe, it could do a better job at selling units than a Mario 64/Galaxy type entry could.

It and Donkey Kong may not be the uber ambitious games that we were expecting from Nintendo and Retro. But that doesn’t mean these games aren’t being worked on. The studios behind these games are large enough to work on more than one game at a time. These two games being smaller in scope means they can get these games out and on to shelves in time for the 2013 holiday.

They sell more than the more ambitious Galaxy and Prime entries. Maybe this is the right move. Put out something smaller in scope and quicker to put out, sell games that are more popular with the hopes of it resulting in more systems sold, all the while continue to work on the larger entries for the next year.

The whole point is to find a way to sell the most systems as quickly as possible, because the sooner that happens, the sooner we see 3rd party support increase.

It’s not like the PS4 and XboxONE have shown anything that is absolutely must own for their launch windows. Nintendo has enough time to try this strategy out.

Its not at all what we wanted or expected, but there is a chance it may be more effective than what we all wanted. We are definitely taking one for the team on this one. Hopefully it pays off with more 3rd party support sooner rather than later.

Once Mario Kart is released, the system will fly off the shelves anyway. That comes next spring. We’ll be fine either way, but this unconventional strategy might just push things along faster than we would have expected.


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