BestBuy E3 Demo Event Impressions

So I just got back for Bestbuy, where they were holding one of those E3 demo events. Unfortunately, all 4 games were being run off one TV. Meaning it took forever to play. You basically sign up for the game you want to play, they rotate the game being played after each play session, and they go down the list of people who signed up under the game being played. Took about a 40 minutes for all the sessions to run their course before being looped. So even though there were only like 3 pairs of people in front of me to play 2player splitscreen Mario Kart, I waited an hour and a half to play one race.

They had other TV’s they could use, but I guess just didn’t hire enough staff to manage 3 more than one terminal. Pretty disappointing. Came in there thinking I would get a chance to try them all, but only tried one game.

Hopefully this isn’t the case with all the locations. It would really be a missed opportunity if this was the setup everywhere.

With that said, what I did play, was amazing. Played Mario Kart, and it plays like a dream. Its familiar territory, but the gliding and anti gravity mechanics add some freshness to the console experience.

The only thing that concerned me regarding gameplay, was that at times it felt like I wasn’t racing anyone. This could have been due to an extremely low difficulty setting for the purpose of demoing the game or a combination of that and the fact that with the anti gravity mechanics, sometimes split the racers between two different roads or surfaces. I feel like I had a pretty easy level, so it was probably just low difficulty, which is expected from a public demo, but regardless, something for Nintendo to ponder in terms of a possible consequence of racing on multiple surfaces.

Graphically, all the games look beautiful. Mario Kart and Wind Waker were the most impressive, but all of them definitely shined. Watching videos online do not do these games justice.

One thing I will say though, is that because we were playing on what seemed like a 42 or 45 inch screen, and standing mere inches in front of it, that I noticed some minimal jaggies. Although near orgasm inducing from a few steps back, up close I noticed it didn’t yet have that final coat of paint/polish.

Similar things were said about the e3 demos last year. Lot of impressions suggested Nintendo had not yet implemented any form of Anti-Aliasing, and I feel like something similar must be happening here because, although beautiful, they are missing some of that final NintendoLand finish. But just like last year, I am sure Nintendo will put their finishing touches on these already beautiful games.

just a few tidbits I noticed from the other games:

– The clear pipes in Mario 3D world are going to open up some nice elements in this game. Very fun looking, and I hope they are implemented in some fashion in all future Mario games. Brilliant.

– WindWaker looks like a moving painting. Breathtaking. I’ve never been someone who purchased Zelda games in the past. But definitely want to pick this one up.

– Although gameplay wise, it seems to be very similar to Donkey Kong Returns on the Wii. Its a beauty to watch. Second only to WindWaker, in terms of how vibrant the levels looked. The jungle leaves and vines, everything just popped. It was a very pretty game.


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