Nintendo E3 Direct. My Brief Impression

Basically, it was horrible. It was an absolute huge let down. Next to no games shown and absolutely nothing new in regards to 3rd party titles. This is starting to look real bad for the WiiU.

I just didn’t think it could get any worse than Sony’s and Microsoft’s conferences, but Nintendo has managed to prove me wrong.

No Metroid game, no starfox, no legit Mario entry. All Nintendo needed to do was show off its premiere first party content. And it failed.

Mario Kart and SmashBros were the only two that really delivered. Mario 3d worlds flopped (looks fun, but its basically a 3ds game), and Retro’s game is another Donkey Kong returns type game?

Bayonetta looks nice, but doesn’t look like its coming for a while. I am honestly at a loss for words.

Im not saying these games aren’t going to be fun. I am sure they will all be. But there aren’t many games coming. The best ones don’t come out till another year.

Plain and simple, Nintendo just isn’t able to compete at the level that Sony and Microsoft right now. There are far more ambitious titles on other systems and next to no 3rd party games on this system.

With Sony launching at $400, its going to be a very rocky road for Nintendo. In fact, they are lucky that Sony and M$ also under delivered in the software department, just not anywhere near as much as Nintendo did.

The outlook for the WiiU is enough to make me not want to participate in the gaming community for a while, I’m that broken hearted over this.

last thing. How in the hell did Wind Waker somehow look worse than what we saw in January? It looks like they went back and tried to change it to look more like the gamecube versions art style, but it looks kind of off. To me, Definitely some difference to what we saw in that January Nintendo Direct.


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