My Very Brief Impression of the PS4 conference

This one wont be as long as my microsoft one.

Basically, the games didnt really excite me. The one game that stood out to me final fantasy VS. Everything else game wise was pretty bland. A game i wanted to see more of got less than a minute of attention, Knack.

But here is where Sony Delivered a huge blow to Microsoft. PS4 isnt using DRM to block second hand sales in any way shape or form it seems. Not only that, it selling for $100 less than the xbox one. That one there is huge. Honestly, if not for those two elements, Sony’s conference would have been pretty disastrous . This now solidifies Sony as a by far more attractive platform than the XboxOne. No ways around this. I believe the XboxOne showed off better games, but this price, and the no DRM thing really destroy that. Sony’s titles are good enough to weather the storm of solid Microsoft exclusives.

The way things are looking now, Microsoft needs to drop the price of the XboxOne if it wants to compete with Sony this fall.


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