My Brief Impression of the XboxOne conference

This is definitely a Nintendo blog, but I would like to talk about what was shown at the Microsoft conference. Its good sometimes to take a look at what the competition is doing, as it sometimes affects how people perceive the offerings of other companies, like Nintendo.

Overall, I’m a bit underwhelmed by the conference. There weren’t a ton of games shown and very few of the ones that were shown impressed me.

I don’t normally buy racing games, but I found something very interesting about the Forza game shown at the conference. I have been waiting for games to adopt learned AI based on how you play. I expected this in the fighting game genre this past generation, but at least its being applied somewhere. The game doesn’t catch enough interest for me to consider getting it, but its exciting to see these features starting to be included finally.

Dead Rising looks boring. I was thrilled to see a latino main protagonist, but that turned to disappointment when I saw how bland his character was. He’s even dressed boring. Don’t think we will ever see this character in a future crossover fighting game as a Dead Rising rep, huge let down.

Ryse was another let down. Graphically, didn’t see like anything to special, which generally is the only thing quicktime riddled games like this and God of War have going for them. Great visuals and movie esque thrills. But this game falls short in both presentation and in gameplay, how do you get both wrong? Hopefully they are able to turn things around on this one, as the time period appeals to many.

I was glad to see Killer Instinct. I cant say I was terribly impressed with the gameplay, but we really didn’t see much. I’m still very excited for this one, and am certain they’ll polish up the gameplay a bit; I’m looking at you near non-existent hitstun. This is one to watch.

Battlefield 4 looked graphically impressive. Seeing fire fights in dark rooms being lit up by gunblasts and stuff was pretty cool. FPS’s have never really done it for me gameplay wise, and this doesn’t really look like it will change my opinion. Lots more explosions, but nothing that pushes the genre forward in a meaningful way. Not that it matters much, there are plenty out there who love this genre and would be thrilled with this one.

Sunset overdrive looked cool. Though none of that was actual gameplay so its hard to tell what that will actually play like, but I’m loving the concept and art direction of the title.

Quantum Break looks like a game with a lot of promise. Liking the graphical style of the game, and the idea of the sort of puzzles and action that can be achieved using the time freezing mechanic. They didn’t show much, but there is a lot of potential here. Cant wait to find out more.

The Halo announcement was a bit of a waste. They needed to show something, that much I can agree on, but what they showed was literally nothing. Just some CGI clip. Hopefully it turns out that was in game graphics, if so, it will at the very least be a beautiful looking game.

I suppose its cool that Metal Gear Solid is coming to the next gen. But what worries me is that this may mean it doesn’t come out for the current gen. Hopefully this isn the case, because if development has been shifted to next gen, It may mean no chance of any cool announcement that the game is now coming to the WiiU.

Quick mention of “project Spark”. I like the concept, but Im going to need more information to really develop an opinion on this one. On the fence. It cool in concept, but not sure about what I saw execution wise.

The biggest piece of info that came out of the conference was the price of the system. At $499, I feel like this is a bit too expensive. If Sony comes in anymore than $50 cheaper, Microsoft may find themselves having a hard time selling this system over the PS4.

They showed a lot more during the conference, but these are the things that stood out to me.

I will be providing my impressions of the PS4 conference later on.


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