My top 5 Nintendo gaming moments

Usually I get on here and I talk about the things I feel Nintendo should be doing. But its time for a little appreciation for Nintendo, by going through what have been some of my most memorable experiences playing on a Nintendo Console.

I’m sure there are going to be a ton I miss, but these are the top 5 that immediately come to mind as I write this entry.

5) I was always considered pretty good at videogames by people who knew me, but rarely did I ever let it go to my head. I forget how old I was, but I’m pretty sure I was in grade 3, but this one time, a cousin came to visit from the states. He also played videogames, and thought he was hot shit. We pop in Super Mario Bros 3 on the Nes and start goin through the stages. I decided I had to show him a thing or two, he was too cocky for my liking. We were at one of the castles, where he had a couple failed attempts at the stage. Now I had never played through this castle before because I always used the flutes to take me all the way to the end, and we were trying to beat it legit.

I decided im going to beat it, and in record time too. I went on to play the best run I ever had at any game. I was blazing through the stage so fast I could barely see the obstacles and dangers that I was somehow avoiding with style. I was a boy possessed. Barely making jumps, managing to duck at just the right times; I was how they say, “Stuntin” on my cousin.

Even better than how I played, was his utter amazement at my performance. This lead to him referring to me as the Wizard for a while, because it must have been magic how I could play so recklessly while always managing to cheat death. I’d never been so gassed.

4) Playing Goldeneye was a weekly ritual with me and my buddies (as I’m sure it was for a lot of people). We had a blast every time we played and had some very competitive matches. Now I could hold my own, but I wasn’t the best out of the group at this game. But what I lacked in skill I made up for in craftiness. I was known to be damn good with my proximity mine placements, but after hundreds of hours, people learn how to avoid your tricks. Then I came up with an idea that would help me take down the best player of our group.

So what was my idea? Mercy! If I had you cornered, and your death was guaranteed, I would offer you a chance to live, but only if you helped me. This would give my opponent a chance to get another kill, before I would let them go to find body armor. The deal was that we had to find whoever was in the lead and kill them. If we succeeded, they would live. But the catch was, they had to be in front on the way to whoever was in the lead, with me aiming my gun right at them. If you made a false move, you would die.

Now there were times where I would get screwed over, but most of the time they attempted to fulfill their end of the bargain. It added another layer to the always fun Goldeneye, and I was referred to as the master manipulator or the puppet master. Fun times

3) Playing Mario kart 64. More specifically, playing on stages with a huge jump, and holding on to a lightning long enough to catch everyone just before the make the jump with it, shrinking them. Also, the absolute random endings to some of our races. Last second banana throws or shell shots that completely switch up everyone’s placement at the end. I feel like one time we might have had a situation where a shell hit propelled the player forward, actually helping them win the race. Not a specific memory, more of a accumulation of memories and laugh inducing instances.

2) I don’t have a specific story for this one either. Just that one of the best times I ever had playing videogames with friends was the time we played Diddy Kong Racing. There was this awesome battle mode where you have to steal a couple eggs from your opponent’s nest. Super fun and super addictive. Never laughed so hard in my life playing that mode.

1) I remember loving going to Ontario Place as a kid. Going during school trips, with the daycare I was enrolled in, and with my family on the odd occasion. They had this amazingly huge park, with stuff to swing off, a cool ass massive net to climb onto the huge jungle gym thing. Connected to the park/super playground, off to the side, was the water park area.

This place had it all. And as cool as those things were, nothing compared to the Nintendo Power Pod. Basically, a massive room with a ton Snes game stations. I feel like all the best games were running at these kiosks, it was basically a Nintendo Arcade, and it was amazing.

Now, as cool as all that is, its not exactly all there is to this memory. This memory is specifically about a day I went with my family, and they happened to have set up a little area to try out the N64!!!. I don’t know how much before the release this was. I feel like it might have been a year or two, but that just could be my bad memory.
Anyway, its where I played Mario 64 for the first time. I remember seeing it, and thinking this is different than anything I had ever seen before. I have never played a game with 3d graphics before. It literally felt like I was in the game. Mario 64 somehow managed to provide an experience that at the time, just didn’t fit into what I thought playing a game felt like at the time; It was almost like I was doing something greater than just playing a game. Not only was I completely amazed, but I was almost equally confused.

How am I suppose to know where to go? I could go seemingly anywhere, but which way was it to the end of the stage? How do I beat this thing? I was too immersed to even bother reading anything on screen, just let me play this I thought. Either way, my time ran out, didn’t beat the stage, didn’t accomplish a thing. But it was still one of the single greatest feelings I have ever had playing a game.

Well, those are some of the best memories I have playing on Nintendo consoles.


Honorable mention to all those THQ wrestling games developed by AKI. So many years of awesome matches, with everything from accidental hits to your own teammates to some of the least expected attacks making someone bleed, and even getting wins in a manner that dishes out the most humiliation to your buddies.

oh, and also Duke Nukem 64. It was a horrible game in my opinion, but it was pretty fun still. Anyway, what used to crack me up about this game was that one of my closer friends would get motion sickness form this game lol. I don’t know why it would happen, but it was funny to see him struggle and then eventually reaching his limit. A limit that if passed, would result in him having to throw up.


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