Wiiu Outlook pre E3

Seems the Wiiu is being cut some slack as of late, probably due to the recent flack Microsoft got with its unveiling. Now Nintendo still has a lot to prove, hopefully none of this slack has gone to their heads, as Nintendo needs to be very aggressive from here on in.


Despite not having a major E3 presentation, what Nintendo does for E3 will give everyone an idea as to whether the WiiU will be able to compete with the PS4 and XboxOne. One thing I am particularly excited about, is this partnership with BestBuy to get some of the games Announced at E3 at some of its locations for people to demo.

This is great, because it offsets the whole no presentation thing. Not only that, this means Nintendo will be the only ones offering the general consumer something tangible to try out, rather than reading up on what the journalist attending E3 have to say about whatever is shown off. Hopefully they pick the right games, because this will only work to stir up major interest if we’re talking about games like a 3d Mario, smash bros, and Mario kart. Sure, they could include others, but if these games aren’t all present in some form with this BestBuy deal, it would be a missed opportunity.

Looking into the future, its hard to tell where all this is going to go in the long term for Nintendo. Its possible that Nintendo makes all the right moves at E3, but still doesn’t get enough 3rd party support from making the WiiU another Gamecube. This wouldn’t be the end of the world because Nintendo still came out of that generation with a profit, but they are obviously looking to perform closer to the level of the original Wii.

Whatever happens with Sony and Microsoft will have a direct affect on Nintendo. For example, this DRM issue is creating problems for Microsoft, gamers are really upset with this move. But what happens if the PS4 follows suite? Sony has been quiet on the issue, and EA dropping its online pass initiative may be a hint that both Sony and Microsoft are going to have DRM affect second hand sales of games this coming generation. Now its possible that if Sony did have such plans, that they back out of it based on the reaction to Microsoft supporting it. If it does back out, what does that mean for its relationship with the likes of EA and Activision, two companies who would benefit the most out the use of DRM due to them being publishers who do annual entries into their flagship series. Which means their games probably get the most circulation when it comes to second hand sales. Sony is definitely going to be feeling some pressure on that front. Could DRM be part of the reason EA games isn’t going to be showing much support to the WiiU? Because Nintendo isn’t including this mechanism with its games?

With gamers already saying they are going to be purchasing a WiiU for their multiconsole gaming setups (ps4 + wiiu or PC+wiiu)  after the XboxOne presentation, what will happen if the PS4 ends up using it? Will there be enough of a backlash that it helps WiiU system Sales? Will some gamers flock to the Wiiu as a safe haven from this Anti-Consumer DRM movements?

I’m also interested in seeing how the gap in power affects the Wiiu this time around. Although by a smaller margin than before, the WiiU is again, underpowered in comparison to these new systems. Personally I believe the WiiU is powerful enough to provide us with great graphics, especially for the types of games they do, and great gameplay. Still, its bound to affect what games do or don’t come to the WiiU. Recent rumors are saying that the XboxOne is supposed to be like 30% weaker than the PS4 or something along those lines. If that is true, will it be enough below the PS4 that they’ll need to tweak in game assets? If so, if they are going to be doing that anyway, does that make the WiiU a viable platform for multiplatform games, if it turns out that straight up ports aren’t going to be as common as they were last generation? Or will developers just develop for the common denominator between Microsoft and Sony, essentially gimping some of the advantages the PS4 has over the XboxOne for most multiplatform games?

Hopefully the WiiU isn’t left as the odd man out for multiplatform release this time. I feel like this situation will improve over the Wii’s cycle, although it would make the most sense to use the WiiU as the common denominator and use it to lead development, while relying on the significantly more raw power of the other systems to push higher resolutions and frames per second. It makes for much less costs if your not tweaking assets depending on the system, and you get 3 revenue streams as opposed to just two. Plus developers could bump lighting effects among others, to make the higher end versions stand out more if they can afford it.

I’m fairly certain Nintendo will end up stealing the show, hopefully this translates to strong sales for the WiiU. What is it going to take for Nintendo to steal the show though? Here’s what I think they need.

– Bestbuy demo kiosk deal needs to include at least 3d Mario, Mario Kart, and Smash bros (at least in video form, and of actual gameplay)

– Mario Kart cant be just a souped up Mario Kart 7. I don’t think it needs to be ground breaking or completely different, but we definitely need to see Nintendo step it up a bit. (track editor and more characters from the Nintendo universe maybe?)

– 3d Mario needs to have a strong Co-op focus and great graphics. Bonus if Nintendo can get co-op working via online as well. We need large and imaginative environments that take place in the Mushroom Kingdom (this part is important)

– Smash bros needs serious online modes. Heavily balanced. no more clones. Graphics that push the system. Good guest characters (megaman please) and hopefully tweaking final smash attacks so that they are earned and not an item. A fresh mechanic that improves gameplay

– deal so that Capcom makes Nintendo vs Capcom

– deal with square to get a new kingdom hearts for the Wiiu/3ds that includes the Nintendo universe along with Disney’s

– starfox game with co-op campaign and robust online

– shinen or sega working on Fzero; personally i’d also like to see Fzero adapt some kind of weapons mechanic

– co-op or battle mode in Wonderful 101

– Metroid game that takes the Metroid blast concept (controls, camera etc) from Nintendoland and takes it to all new levels

– Nintendo talent studio; Nintendo’s take on a media molecule demo (which must have drawn inspiration from Nintendo’s Mario paint studio and talent studio during gamecube era)

– some form of multiplayer in Windwaker HD

– no wwe 2k14 for WiiU. Maybe instead, 2k does a wwe game smaller in scope, that basically recreates the NO Mercy n64 experience. Same graphical style, same gameplay, and uses Gamepad camera to map your face on characters

– retro working on more than one game

– n64 vc games render at 720p

– All new Ip’s from Nintendo; maybe even an FPS

ok, listing things I want for e3 could go on forever so i’ll just leave it at that.


10 thoughts on “Wiiu Outlook pre E3

  1. A few things…

    1. There’s not nearly enough BestBuys that the demos are coming to. 100 stores across the US and Canada is about 1-2 stores per state. That’s pathetic, I don’t want to have to drive hours to reach a BB with a demo. It should’ve been sent through the eShop.

    2. Co-Op in Mario? No thanks!

    3. Technically, the reason why the One is 30%-ish weaker than the PS4 is because at any given moment, 2 gb out of the 8gb of RAM is being devoted to Kinect. So, although the RAM is identical, the PS4 doesn’t need to dedicate any energy to the Kinect.

    4. I don’t think the power disperity matters very much, espcially since all games are in 1080p anyway. No games are being made in 4k yet.

    • 1) Firstly, we don’t know that Nintendo wont partner this effort with Eshop demo downloads. I’d much rather comment on something known then to get upset at them about something before it happens or not. With that said, its unlikely, but Nintendo has been backed into a corner, which is why the BestBuy deal even exists, hopefully Eshop demos of E3 games is something they do on top of that. Even if it isn’t sent via Eshop, its still a lot more than Sony and Microsoft are doing, or anyone ever has around E3 for that matter.

      secondly, maybe my math is wrong, but doesn’t 100 stores across North America beat 1 E3 demo location closed off to mostly journalist/media? This is hardly anything to complain about, especially considering its more than the general consumer population has ever gotten out of an E3, and certainly more than what Sony and Microsoft are doing. What’s pathetic is complaining about the possibility of having to drive from here to there just to try some demos, when in previous years you wouldn’t even have the chance to try these games out. You not wanting to drive out to some Bestbuy says more about what its worth to you to demo these games than it does about Nintendo’s strategy with this Bestbuy deal.

      2) No thanks to co-op in Mario? Your right, co-op has no place in a Mario game, which is probably why Nintendo had tried to make Mario 64 co-op and attempted to do it again with the DS right? because that’s not what people want. Nobody pesters popular modders Mr.Bean and Chadders to complete their Mario galaxy split screen co-op mod right? why would they, nobody wants a Mario co-op game.

      Nintendo haven’t been able to add co-op without compromising the single player experience. With that said, under the scenario they figured out how to do it properly, what reason could you possibly have to be flat out against a co-op Mario? What is so wrong with co-op in a Mario game?

      3) Im not understanding your point here. Regardless of where its used, its power that isn’t being used towards outputting games. Whatever the reasons for the Xbox One possibly not being able to perform on the level of the ps4 doesn’t change the fact that it may not be able to. The outcome/consequences are the same, regardless of the reason why.

      4) well 1080p is the resolution sony’s and Microsoft’s systems will be outputting at. But even so, the disparity in power between them there could still be differences in the amount of effects on screen, poly counts, and anything else being rendered on screen. In the case of the WiiU; Nintendo isn’t aiming for 1080p, its aiming for 720p. It takes more resources to display in 1080p than it does in 720p. With Nintendo focussing on 720p, it narrows the gap a little more in terms of polygon counts, effects and whatever else is happening on screen other than screen resolution.

      And you may be right, it may not affect Nintendo in any way. Nintendo may still get no chance at ports. But when you factor in the fact that trying to hit certain outputs is easier at lower resolutions, and the ps4/XboxOne are aiming for 1080p standard. It makes it a slightly easier task for the wiiu to handle watered down asset versions of “Next Gen” titles.

      • I love a good debate 🙂

        1. It’s better than nothing, you’re right; but it’s not where it should’ve been.

        2. Making Co-Op takes away resources for the single player mode. If 10% of the development team is working on multiplayer, then it could’ve been working on single player. I would prefer more levels to that extra mode.

        3. I was agreeing with you here…

        4. Only the future will tell with this point.

      • 1. Well here’s the thing with Nintendo. They have always been pretty rigid. From what i understand Miyamoto feels demos dont always give an accurate representation of what the finished game will play like. Nintendo has never really adopted the demo concept, which is probably why we dont see any on the eshop for any first party titles.

        Now, as much as the both of us dont like that about nintendo, one thing we need to understand with this whole Bestbuy deal thing, is that Nintendo is targeting potential customers with this. You and I probably already own WiiU’s. This is an effort for them to sell more units, and therefore isnt catered to us.

        Hopefully, we get eshop demos as a gesture rewarding our loyalty, and basically putting up with this wicked drought. Its unlikely, but im sure Nintendo will at least do something similar to what they did with the 3DS when they did the price cut early fall.

        fingers crossed for demos though, thats definitely where nintendo needs to be right now. But again, i cant knock their other tactics simply because they arent doing this particular one.

        2. In general i agree with what your saying, but I dont think Nintendo would make a co-op Mario game unless it was built with co-op in mind. Thats why they havent shoehorned it into other Mario games. Even with galaxy, they said they didnt know how they could do it on one screen. Doing it split screen would probably mean the game running at 30fps, which is something Nintendo isnt too fond of. They always target 60fps.

        i can understand your point under the scenario that co-op is more afterthought than something the main campaign was built around. But i dont think Nintendo would ever do it unless it made sense and brought value to the game. So im working under that assumption when it comes to this made up scenario.

        3. probably why i didnt get your point….it just didnt compute..my bad..i was looking at your response all wrong

        4. very true. I feel like e3 will give us a better idea as to what may or may not be possible on the wiiu in regards to “next gen” titles.

    • i just want to apologize if my response came off a bit aggressive. Sorry if the tone of my response came off a bit too harsh

    • ha thanks. I wish. I dont know how well suited for that sort of thing I would be. I feel like i would just want to fiercely debate people who make comments that rub me the wrong way. I may be a tad too combative with my point of views for major publications lol. Im sure there are a few examples of this on this site.

      But thank you for the kind words!!!

      Btw, huge fan of your youtube videos. An honour to have you grace this blog’s comment section.

      • I’ve noticed you comment on my channel and I went to your page to see if you had a website. Like I said above, your points are always so well thought out. Do you have a fb or twitter? PSN or NNID?

    • thank you. Yeah, I have both a psn and NNID

      Both are:


      I have both FB and Twitter, but I don’t use twitter. I think I specifically set up an account just to comment on something Pierce Morgan said that I found annoying.

      I literally have that, and a post against Mark Rein when he made some questionable comments about the WiiU and Unreal 4.

      • forgot…let you know how you can find me on fb via psn or nnid

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