Smash Bros Characters! Who do you want in?

Turns out the 3ds version of Smash Bros was recently listed as coming soon. Hopefully this means both versions will be out by the end of the year; lord knows we need this game out asap.

So with this possibly being around the corner, it got me thinking of the characters a bit more and about who I didn’t want to return, as well as who they should bring into the new one. My opinions on characters may or may not be popular, but if you got a better list, post it in the comment section.

Characters to leave behind:

Lucas – He is basically a clone character, and although so are falco and star wolf, he just doesn’t have the appeal those characters have to me.

Jiggly puff – jiggly is a funny joke character to have around, but overall is a wasted spot. It could go to a much cooler character.

Lucario – I actually really liked this character, but it would make more sense if they either brought back Mewtwo and or replaced him with an equivalent character from the upcoming XY Pokemon entry. Like that new Mewtwo lookin transformation that was recently revealed.

Ike – I really like this character, but I doubt they will get rid of Marth, and they need to make room for a rep from the latest Fire Emblem game.

New Characters enter the battle:

Shulk – Very cool character from the popular Xenoblade game, would make for an awesome addition to the roster.

Little Mac – I liked the design they used for him as an assist trophy in Brawl. They should use that design, except not that small. Instead about the height of either Mario or starfox, Im all for it.

Ghirahim – Based on his moveset in Skyward Sword, he could make for an interesting character type. He can wield both magic and a sword, so he would be a bit different than your standard sword character.

Ray Mk3 – Lots of move possibilities for this character from the custom robo series. They would have to make him larger than they did for his Assist trophy in Brawl, but Nintendo has always played with the sizes of characters across different games.

Tasha or Lin or Sami (advance wars) – It would be nice to see a few more strong females in this series. These games have a huge following, and it should definitely be represented.

Another Pokémon Trainer – We got a pokemon trainer for Brawl, but I really think they should add another for the next smash bros. The character should be equipped with not only different pokemon, but ones that can offer new fighting styles to both the game and its pokemon reps. For example, characters like Machamp, Kadabra, and Unbreon. Doesn’t have to be these characters, but basically new pokemon.

Issac (golden sun) – This series needs a rep and this character, with all their magic could have a really cool moveset.

Krom (fire emblem) – With the success of Fire Emblem Awakening, they should definitely add one of the major characters from that game to this smash bros entry.

Saki Amamiya (Sin and Punishment) – He was in as Brawl as an assist trophy, and was a pretty popular mod character for hackers adding characters to Brawl. He definitely deserves a spot.

Dillon – Not entirely sure if this property belongs to Nintendo, but if it does, Nintendo should definitely add him. If Dillon’s Rolling Western isn’t a Nintendo IP, then they should at least find a way to get this character in the game.

Miis – It would be nice to see ourselves as characters in this game. Check out my what Smash bros needs article for my example on how this should work.

3rd party characters:

Megaman, Sonic, Shadow, Pacman, Shantae and snake (although doubtful considering there wasn’t a metal gear game for the wii; but im holding out hope because he wasn’t in playstation allstars)

Characters I don’t want in at all:

Bowser jr., King Krool, and Lloyd Irving (too many sword characters already).

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section. Or if there are any other really cool characters that can be added, that I may have overlooked.


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