Nintendo VS Capcom; The game we deserve

This is a game I’ve been waiting to be made since Tatsunoko vs Capcom. As it turns out, Capcom’s license with Tatsunoko is now up, and we’re likely not to see a sequel to that for a while. So what’s next? Capcom has been very quiet about the WiiU, sure we got Monster Hunter and a Resident Evil game coming, but those are both 3ds ports, one of which is a port of a port.

So what gives? Are they hiding something from us? Or are we looking at signs of another lackluster support cycle. Capcom had a few solid titles for the Wii, but aside from Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Monster Hunter, Capcom’s Wii support was pretty weak.

I really do hope they got more cooking for the WiiU. If they do, it had better be Nintendo VS Capcom. A couple years ago, around the release of Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom and the announcement of Streetfighter X Tekken, both Ono and Niitsuma (Lead Capcom fighting game developers) were asked about what company they would like to do a crossover game with, both answers included Nintendo.

This made a lot of noise on the internet, so much so that Ono apologized to Iwata (Nintendo president) for all the commotion, and made it clear no such project was in development.

What I’m hoping, is that the whole scenario started talks between the two companies. As far as crossovers go, there wouldn’t be anything much bigger than these two companies going head to head. Based on the kind of sales the Smash Bros series generates, a game like this would be a no brainer. Not only would it be a game that sells well, but it could be how Capcom finally generates a proper fighting game market on a Nintendo home console.

If they make it the spiritual sequel to Tatsunoko vs Capcom, which sported slightly simpler controls than the StreetFighter series, it could be a great way to bridge player’s who often only play Smash Bros to transition into Capcom type fighters. From what I hear, there are a couple Pro Marvel VS Capcom player’s who used to mainly play Smash Bros before. We could finally see these two fan bases merge, which would be an added incentive for Capcom.

It would make sense for Capcom to cultivate a market for its other fighting games on Nintendo home consoles, there is no better way to do it, than with this game.

Now on to the juicy stuff, how should this game be? Well, if it were up to me, it would be like this.

(forgive me, if you’ve seen my other posts, you’ll notice a pattern; I love lists)

1) General game engine and play

This game should play like a spiritual sequel to Tatsunoko VS Capcom; Meaning it should have the same gameplay, except maybe refined and with added modes and fight mechanics

2) New Modes & Mechannics

Every major Nintendo game has a 4 player mode, this game should be no different. So something like StreetFighter X Tekken (SFXT)’s Scramble mode would be amazing. Not to mention a Co-op mode that allows two human players team up on one team, just like SFXT allows you to. Except because the VS series allows you to call in assists, your partner will be in charge of when their character comes in for the assist.

The game should also use a version of Marvel VS Capcom 1’s assist system, where you choose from a list of assist characters. This would allow for even more fan service to be squeezed into the game. The assist character gets assigned to one assist button, while your partner is assigned to the other assist button.

But I would take the assist list a bit further; Instead of just characters being a part of the list, make items a part as well. How would these work? well maybe I wanted a bob-oms, I could equip them and I get a few of those to throw when I use the assist button. Maybe instead I want to use that bumper item from smash bros. I would combo my opponent into a corner and put one there to trap him in the corner for a little bit, or even throw one in the air so they cant jump in on me. What do you guys think?

Maybe a shell that rolls back and forth on the stage a few times or disappears after its bumped into your opponent 3 times. It hits low, so you need to crouch to block it. If you time an air or overhead attack at the same time the shell hits, you’ll land it because overhead and air attacks need to be blocked standing up, and they’ll be too busy blocking low. So there could be some depth to these items.

They should also bring back MVC1’s Duo attack, which basically was a super that allowed both characters of a team to enter the fight simultaneously. Although they should tweak it so that it doesn’t allow you infinite supers like it did in MVC1.

3) No more Universal air dashing

Even though air dashing was a big part of Tatsunoko vs Capcom, for the sake of making characters feel more different from each other, they shouldn’t make it available to every character, only a select few.

4) Tweak the Baroque and Megacrash mechanic

I loved these mechanics, and to me, they were way better than MVC3’s X-Factor. But I would tweak them so that they can be used during supers as well.

5) Think outside of Smash Bros

This game isn’t smash bros, and shouldn’t try to be. What I mean by this is that Capcom should look outside of smash bros when it comes to coming up with some of the moves. They can ofcourse take a few moves or even draw inspiration from it, but I wouldn’t want to see just a translation of their move sets from smash bros and it be done with. For example, when they make Luigi, they should take a lot of inspiration from the Mario & Luigi saga series and some from the Luigi’s mansion series too, so he has some moves or even just animations and mannerisms that fall in line with the character development in those games.

6) What I think the Roster should more or less look like


Mario , Luigi, shiek/zelda, Link, DK, samus, tasha or lynn (advance wars), captain falcon, starfox, ganondorf, pit, ike, marth, princess peach, adult issac (golden sun), ghirahim, Kirby, pikachu, Saki Amamiya, yoshi, mewtwo or Lucario, ridley or tabuu, star wolf, little mac, Ray (custom robo)


Megaman, Protoman, chun li, Dante, Haggar, morrigan, jill, captain commando, jon talbain, Demitri, nathan rad spencer, ryu, strider, viper, leon, frank west, phoenix wright, amateratsu, viewtiful joe, zero, Bison, aurthur, urien, saki, jin saotome

Tatsunoko VS Capcom was an amazing game, and if Nintendo VS Capcom ever happens, it should strive to be the spiritual sequel to that, with some added Nintendoness to the mix. It was incredibly balanced, fun, and not nearly as cheap as UMVC3 is.

Hopefully we get this game sometime in the Wiiu’s lifetime; the system needs it, and we deserve it.


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