What does the new Smashbros need?

I recently made a post that went over things i think Nintendo should think about incorporating in the new MarioKart, and figured I’d do something similar for Smash Bros.

I love Smash Bros, its my favorite gaming series, but i do think Nintendo needs to really think about what this series needs to stay not only fresh, but for it to gain the series a little more acceptance into the fighting community. Now my suggestions aren’t going to be for the purpose of pulling in certain types of players, but for the overall improvement of the series (according to me).

1) 4 player co-op campaign

Last time around, Nintendo brought us a decent co-op campaign, but this time it needs to be 4 players. The rest of the game is played with 4 human players, so why not here as well? Personally, i think it would make boss battles a lot more fun. And ofcourse, make this do-able via online play as well.

2) Huge overhaul to the move sets, no more clones

There was news that even the returning characters were getting new moves, hopefully this is true, but unlike in the past, it shouldn’t be a few changes here and there. The roster needs to be completely rethought in some ways.

For Example:

Promotional art showed for Starfox Assault showed off Falco with a Bazooka as well as a sniper gun. Why not incorporate more things from other games to differentiate the characters more. Giving Falco a Bazooka and or a Sniper gun instead of a blaster, could make him more of a long range precision type character with solid up close combat, but not a whole lot that helps him close a distance gap between himself and opponents.

I’m not saying that this specific change should be made, but that these are the kind of things they should be looking towards in terms of inspiration for new character moves. Nintendo also needs to take a look at some of the new moves and general play styles created for characters by the Project Melee team. Just to have an idea as to other ways things can be done.

3) DLC character models/skins

It would be nice to download different costumes or even different interpretations of characters. For example, maybe i want to play as Mr.L instead of Luigi, well then i could download that costume. Maybe i would rather play as the Ganondorf in a melee inspired character design.

4) Tweak Stamina Mode

Stamina mode in Smashbros is a mode that lets you play in a manner thats closer to a more traditional fighter. You can set a certain amount of percentage to start with, as you get it, the percentage goes down, and once its down to zero you die. My main issue with this mode is that it limited how high you could set that percentage to, ultimately, the matches would be over pretty quick.

This mode needs two tweaks. The first being a huge increase in the stamina you can set. I think in brawl the highest is 150; it should go as high as 1,000 if not more. The second tweak would be that instead of the characters reacting to all attacks as if they are at zero percent in the regular mode, they should be reacting like they are at 30 or 50 or so. The way the mode plays now, the recovery is too quick. Its less fun to throw opponents, and it makes it harder to follow up certain attacks and combo.

5) Tweak the supers mechanic

First thing that needs to be added, is making it so characters can earn a super by building up meter, kinda like in the Capcom games. Smashballs cannot be the only way to attain a super. That way supers can still be in the game if you want them to be, without something as random as a Smashball appearing, and its fair.

Secondly, multiple supers being used at once should be possible. If I see an opponent super and i know my super can beat theirs, I should be able to use mine. And characters should no longer be invincible while performing supers (unless its one of those cinematic ones with a bunch of set animations throughout it), which will allow for people to retaliate against each other with a super if they have one, as well as make sure people don’t use it so recklessly.

Lastly, Supers need to be balanced. They werent balanced before, and in keeping in line with my other suggestions, many of them would need to be changed for them to not be for the most part invincible.

6) Create a fighter using mii’s

Namco has a lot of experience with character creation stuff. Its a prominent feature in the Soul Calibur series, and should be used in the new Smashbros in some form.

The way i envision it, is like this. Created fighters are essentially Mii’s. The game basically translates the face over to the game. I use the word translate because in my idea, namco recreates all the facial features of the mii’s using polygons rather than just 2d facial features the way the mii’s faces are currently made up of.

This being a fighting game, most of the time, your character is going to be looking to the side. Because all the mii facial features are pretty much 2d sprites, your character wont really look much like you during the fight, because there wont be that depth that shows off your features properly in a side profile.

My idea is basically, the game translates your mii into something that fits into the game properly. But that may result in your character not looking exactly the same, so from there you can tweak positioning, size, and shape a bit, as well as choose from a variety of facial shapes that are more complex than the ones offered by the mii maker; to make sure there is proper depth in nose bridges and cheek bones and what not. It would give you way more options for hair and accessories than the mii maker would.

But in the case you just cant get your mii to look like you, or even just look visually pleasing, you would have the option to simply just use the me head just as it is in the mii maker.

As for the body and moves. Basically, every character in the game will have one or more humanoid body types for when you choose a characters moveset. I don’t think you should custom make your own move set, simply because there would be way too much balancing to take care of, plus not all moves in the game would fit well mixed in matched, given that there are humanoid and non humanoid characters in these games.

Here’s an example. If i choose Mario; Im going to be given a couple bodies that are very similar in proportions to Mario and at the same height as Mario. There may be one that’s the same, one that’s thinner, and one that’s chubbier. But all within the same realm so as to not disturb the balance between that character’s size and the hitboxes associated with that character’s frame and moves. I can then choose out the characters clothes. Doesn’t have to be Mario’s outfit. You could have a variety of things to wear, color schemes, all the other stuff that comes with a character creator.

now what if i choose someone like Pikachu? well in these cases Nintendo would need to come up with humanoid body’s that are proportioned smaller, think Captian olimar or Mario before he eats a mushroom. They would need to create different walking animations and move animations where applicable, but that fit within the paramaters of the hitboxes for the characters.

so for example: Pikachu’s standard attack is a forward headbut. Well, for the created character, it could be a low standing feral type jab. Which would work cause feral stances tend to be closer to the ground, so the animation would still be within the parameters of the  hitbox.

or when Pikachu runs; for the created character, that could be swapped out for a feral type run; Maybe a run that would resemble how Beast from x-men would run, or Blanka from Streetfighter would. What the animation actually looks like doesnt matter so long as it doesnt extend beyond the terms set by the original moves, like reach (how far out the attack comes out) and its hitbox. It would definitely be tricky, but do-able.

or if someone picked Kirby, they would get a body that was built like Mario without the mushroom. Stocky, except wider to fit the proportions of kirby.

Ofcourse, all that for “troublesome” characters could be more work than its worth. I wouldnt care if they just excluded those characters from the body/moveset selection process. It would suck, but i would rather have the mode in that form than not at all.

7) Allow the option for 6 player matches.

Im not saying build the game around it being 6 players. I feel like sometimes less is more. But at least add the option. It would allow for some cool setups, like 4 human characters vs 2 tough computer opponents. Even better, Online group matches. Where you can play a 3 vs 3 team match; 3 people on one system, vs 3 people on another system. Its not a big deal, but it would be nice to have the option in there somewhere.

8) Take online seriously

We need like the best netcode possible for this game. Brawl really suffered in the online department, at times it was just unplayable. The next game needs more match types online. Like 1vs1 ranked and casuals. Lobbies where we set the match type and can play with people outside our friends list. Online training mode. Team Ranked matches. And something that resembles MarioKart’s Community idea, but finds a way to take it much further; so that Organizers can manage tournaments online if they’d like, or even make a real league with a placement system and everything.

Heavy miiverse functionality. Uploading pics and matches.

9) Megaman

Nuff said.

10) Gamepad features

Obviously there would be some kind of gamepad features; it could be as simple as one touch moves. But what would be really great if it was used to add a little something to other modes.

What about that boss mode in brawl, where you go through all the bosses. What if you could do that, with the person on the gamepad controlling the bosses? What if the gamepad player could help out in some form in the campaign mode the way we’ve seen in New super mario bros and rayman?

Use it for the stage editor? Create custom textures within the stage editor?

How about to have some kind of control over what weapons are dropped during a fight, when they are dropped? Maybe dropping bombs randomly as you and your other friends duke it out. To start or stop different hazzards in a stage at their will…?

11) Voicechat

Its not a big deal. But it would be nice to have on. Even if it was only for the community mode and single 1v1 matches.

12) New kinds of stages

Brawl featured some stages with destructible elements in them. Well lets take it a step beyond that. How a couple stages that have walls? Your given a stage, that is enclosed. The walls need to take a bit of a beating before coming down. They can take damage from smash attacks, and players being thrown into it through either grabs or smash attacks.

Maybe a stage that constantly changes? maybe your fighting in space? then your brought down to fight under water, then your in some room that increases the gravity so everyone feels like metal Mario weight or something.

As great as some of these things may sound, I feel like there isnt much more that can be done without disrupting how this game plays. I for one would welcome a new approach entirely, but most wouldnt, and i cant blame Nintendo for not doing so, if it aint broke dont fix it. I love Smash bros, and although it would be nice to see something different using all these characters, I would still want the smash bros experience.

so here is what i propose..

13) After Smash Bros; Create something thats different from smash.

Smashbros is likely to hit early 2014; It could hit this holiday, but i doubt it. Either way, that means this game is being released pretty early in the system’s life cycle. I feel like the competition is gonna be very fierce this time around. They are gonna need more big hitters throughout the life of the Wiiu.

So, make a new fighting game. Make it with 3d gameplay as opposed to 2d. Co-develop it with cyberconnect2, and come up with something that basically translates the smash bros experience into 3d, taking some inspiration from the Naruto storm series (especially in terms of how they do movement and the fluidity of their animations), Ehrgeiz, God of war: Ascension, Mario Galaxy, and Powerstone.

It will be something solid to hold us off till the NEXT NEXT Gen version of smash bros.

Anyways, thats all i got, but if anybody reading this has some cool stuff the Smash Bros series needs that I didnt mention, please feel free to leave it in the comment section.


5 thoughts on “What does the new Smashbros need?

    • lol…why not?

      how does that hurt the game in any way? Not that the game needs a create a fighter, but if it were to get one at all, it just wouldnt be nintendo’s style to offer a typical create a fighter…it just wouldnt jive….this at least will ensure its in line with the Nintendo esthetic.

      are you against the idea of a create a fighter all together? cause if not, you do know this is pretty much the only way it would get done right???? There is no doubt it would have to involve the miis in some way, knowing Nintendo.

      • Why not? Maybe because a lot of people, myself included, cannot stand those annoying Miis. Also, do you know how ridiculous a Mii would look fighting characters like Samus or Ganondorf.

    • unfortunately, you and people like you are in the vast minority. Practically every user makes multiple miis, which they probably wouldnt if they couldnt stand the damn things.

      Not to mention miis are being used extensively by Nintendo this time around. Just look at the implementation of Wara Wara and Miiverse. Nobody seems to be complaining about either of these things, so sorry.

      If your annoyed by them thats fine, but the majority are just fine with them.

      First off, Nobody would be forced to use a mii. If people truly hated them, it would be a non factor because nobody would pick them.

      secondly, they would look no more ridiculous than Snake fighting JigglyPuff or Captain Olimar, and nobody had a problem with those types of matchups.

      Thats kind of the appeal of smash bros. Its a collection of characters who otherwise wouldnt be seen all in one spot, duking it out. It has nothing to do with how well they mesh; ingrained in the concept is this idea of a clash of worlds.

  1. either way i doubt it would even get a create a fighter…im betting on a mii character…and when you select that character, you pick from one of your miis, just like in Mario Kart.

    Regardless, im curious as to what your beef is with the idea of a create a fighter using miis. I’ll be waiting…

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