Improving MarioKart for WiiU

I’m very curious to see what Nintendo is working on, for the new MarioKart, especially after how awesome MK7 was. So I got to thinking about what would make MK more fun? What kind of modes or items or features would be able to propel the series forward? So here’s my list of things I would like to see in the new MarioKart that in my opinion would improve on an already great series.

1) Characters outside of the Mario Universe

The series doesn’t need this, but it would be very fun for if they decided to add a few new characters. I would want to see Link, Samus, Kirby, Starfox, and Captain Falcon. Maybe after you beat all the cups, you unlock a Universe Cup. A cup comprised of stages that are themed after the guest characters.

2) New Weapons and Weapon Mechanics

Every now and then Nintendo adds or takes away items, I’m sure with this entry not much will change. So here are a few suggestions on my behalf for new weapons.

Super Mario bros 3 flute; it will create a gust of wind that would be felt by players using their gliders. Meant to mess up their glide a bit.

Red Air Shell; a shell with a balloon tied to it. The balloon lifts the red shell into the air for a heat seeking red shell for anyone flying on a glider.

As for new mechanics, I’d like people to have the option of using coins collected in the races, to combine items. Not all items can be combined, and there would be a very limited amount of combinations, therefore making it super situational.

Lets say if I have 5 coins and a green shell. I have the green shell out, and my other item is a star. I could then use the 5 coins to combine the items, now that green shell shoots off like the shells did in Mario Kart 64 with star power. So it will continue to be able to hit people until its star power runs out.

Or Green shell and Blue shell. Combined those and you get the blue shell from Mariokart6w4. The one that stays on the track on a set path all the way to whoever is in first place, hitting anyone in its path on its way there.

Another example could be a green shell with a string of bananas. The shell will shoot off like normal, but with a string of bananas trailing behind it. So even if I barely miss my target and the shell zooms pass them, they might get slipped up if that tail of bananas touches them.

3) Bring back some of that MarioKart 64 magic.

There are a few things in Mariokart64 that although minor, to me, make the experience more fun. I think Nintendo should incorporate some things from the past back into the Wiiu version.

– shells used to shoot off like missile , I kind of like that. I’m not saying it should be brought back all the way, but maybe just for the red shells, they are heat seeking after all.

– I loved how the karts would react when hit by an item. When you get hit by a shell in Mariokart64, you tumble and bounce. With the later games, you just do one big flip forward or backward. And I could have sworn the N64 version had momentum too. So if I was going really fast and got hit, the cart would tumble and bounce forward or if I was hit during a turn I would tumble outward. That doesn’t seem to happen anymore. Bring it back.

– When someone ran into your tail of bananas, they would spread out making a bit of a mess in that area, pretty sure that doesn’t happen now. Bring it back.

4) Customization

I liked what Nintendo did with MarioKart7, personally, I don’t need them to go too much further than that. A few more kart body types, like something shaped like an Fzero car or Samus’s ship, the ability to customize the color schemes of the parts of your vehicle and possibly add the ability to draw on designs onto your vehicle.

This game stands tall on its gameplay alone, and doesn’t really need to be a new modnation or anything like that.

And although I don’t think it needs it. Being able to make your own tracks would be amazing. I would survive if it didn’t include it, but it would add huge replay and social value to the title. Something simple but that still leaves room for clever track design.

5) Accessories for the Miis

I would like to be able to add accessories to my miis. Whether it be captain falcon’s helmet, Samus’s suit, Link’s hat, Mario’s hat, or even DK’s tie

6) Item select

We should be able to leave out any weapons we don’t want the same way we can in smash bros. This would prove especially useful in those online communities you can create.

7) Fix Battle mode

Something has gone wrong with  Battle mode over the years. Not sure if allowing more than 4 players in battle mode has somehow changed the dynamics of the mode for the worse, but something needs to be done.

I’m thinking maybe there should be something in place for when there are 7 or more players. The players in a match should be “sectioned” off.

For example; If there are 8 players, the players are split into groups of 4. You can only attack the players within that group of 4. Anyone outside of your group of 4 are still in the same arena, but now look like ghost racers.

You know, that slightly transparent look when racing against someone else’s time trial. You cant hit them, and they cant hit you, but you share the stage, as well as items. So they can still get to an item before you.

once that total number of characters drops to about 6 everyone should be able to attack everyone. I mention the number of characters dropping, that’s because they should do away with this everyone stays in the match business. If your out, your out. This may also have contributed to the downfall of the battle mode.

lets say there are 12 players playing in total. there would be 3 groups of 4. Depending on how many total characters are left and or the amount of characters remaining in each group of 4, the players will be paired into 2 groups of 4, then when its down to 6 players in total, they are all part of one group.

I’m sure there are other ways to remedy this issue. But its the only one that I can think of that keeps everyone in one arena, and keeps the dynamics of the mariokart64 battle mode (which is arguably the best).

That’s all I got for now, but if anyone happens to read this, let me know what you guys think should be done to improve MarioKart for its Wiiu entry.


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